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Ugurmumcu mh, Akzambak sk, Aksemsettin cad.

Mavi belde sitesi. NO:3 E-24 

Post code: 34882 Kartal, istanbul - TURKEY



we always have time for you

In addition, akerdesign helps 3D artists in all countries save time in 3D modeling and making realistic 3D models used in tv shows, stages and events, AR applications and visualizations. We offer our customers the best combination of price and quality. All models are verified by leading 3D artists who check their compliance with professional requirements and current 3D modeling standards.


Our international creative practice is a collaborative and multidisciplinary effort supported by a team of designers, architects, artists and communication experts with a passionate love for brand identity, personality and image. A team of dedicated strategic partners expands and sustains akerdesign's brain power. . We work with Istanbul City offices around the clock.

About us

akerdesign is an Istanbul-based experiential design firm specializing in Broadcast Design, Consumer Branded Media and Event and Entertainment Design since 1990.

We know that the world you live in, whether physical or virtual, offers opportunities for the strategic communication of your brand message. We help customers strategically grow and maintain their brands by shaping experiential branded environments that engage target audiences through both direct interaction and broadcast media such as television.

At akerdesign, we believe in the awakening power of experiential design, an application that we define as adding dimension to customer-specific content and communication goals. Whether it's a broadcast TV set design, a consumer branded interior, a brand destination, home, corporate headquarters or visitor centre, a corporate branded office/workspace environment, pop-up store, trade show or live event.

Effectively designed experiential environments transport audiences to a new environment and transform them from targets to participants

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